Top 10 – 2014 49 Day Transformation Challenge Finalists

By Tyler English · December 4, 2014 · Category Transformation Challenge.
Congratulations to everyone who participated in our transformation challenge. Everyone made great progress during the 49 days! Your hard work, determination, and perseverance is truly inspirational!


Without further ado here are the Finalists…

10th Place – Lisa Goralski

Lisa Goralski

Weight: 133lbs – 128lbs = 5lbs lost

Waist: 29.5” – 27” = 2.5” lost

Hips: 38” – 36” = 2” lost

Chest: 33.5” – 32” = 1.5” lost

“Losing five pounds and five overall inches was very gratifying and accomplishing it with the help of Griffin and Bonini made it a wonderful bonding experience. Furthermore, I am enjoying my new passion of discovering a world of wholesome foods and using them to create an amazing assortment of healthy meals.

I am now proud to say I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt better.”


9th Place – Kim Pruitt

Kim Pruitt

Weight: 194lbs – 180lbs = 14lbs lost

Waist: 38.5” – 33” = 5.5” lost

Hips: 46.5” – 43.75” = 2.75” lost

Chest: 38” – 35.25” = 2.75” lost

“Both Evan and Tyler told me to be patient, and the scale would change. It has! Seven weeks later, I am down 14 pounds, but more importantly, 5.5 inches have come off of my waist! My clothes fit differently, and my energy level is through the roof. Although the challenge is now over, my journey to a healthier lifestyle is not. If I can do this in only 7 weeks, imagine what I can do in a year. Thanks to everyone at TEF for all of their support! I couldn’t have done this without all of you!”


8th Place – Christine Millette

Christine Millette

Weight: 190lbs – 180lbs = 10lbs lost

Waist: 41” – 37.5” = 3.5” lost

Hips: 47.5” – 45.5” = 2” lost

Chest: 45” – 43” = 2” lost

“I thought early on that all these goals would fall to the wayside within a week or two.  I was wrong!!  These small goals led me to be true to myself by being consistent, accountable, and determined!  And because of that I have lost 10 pounds, lost 7.5 inches and lost the feeling of feeling defeated; all of which will never return again!   Instead, I have gained strength, confidence, flexibility, mobility, and maybe most importantly how to eat more healthy as a family.”


7th Place – Miriam Correa

Miriam Correa

Weight: 156lbs – 146lbs = 10lbs lost

Waist: 32.5” – 29.5” = 3” lost

Hips: 41.5” – 39” = 2.5” lost

Chest: 37” – 35” = 2” lost

“During this challenge I have lost 10lbs and 8 1/2 inches overall, plus I have increased my endurance and strength. I can’t thank everyone enough at TEF for all the help and support you gave me through this journey. I now feel like I have this puzzle complete!”


6th Place – Deanna Siroonian

Deanna Siroonian

Weight: 178lbs – 164lbs = 14lbs lost

Waist: 36.25” – 30.5” = 5.75” lost

Hips: 39.5” – 36.25” = 3.25” lost

Chest: 40” – 36.5” = 3.5” lost

“I made sure that I set up small goals for myself throughout the challenge, one of which was going to the gym a minimum of 5 days a week. This forced me to become a morning person but I always left feeling accomplished awake and ready to start the work day. A second challenge for me was maintaining a strong support system;  my sister and family eats very healthy but I work 9 or 10 hours days so I needed to make sure my work environment was a place where I could be my best self”


5th Place – Jennifer Johns-Allan

Jen Johns-Allan

Weight: 169.6lbs – 155lbs = 14.6lbs lost

Waist: 38.5” – 35.5” = 2.25” lost

Hips: 41.75” – 40” = 1.75” lost

Chest: 39” – 36.5” = 2.5” lost

“Whether my day was great or unexpectedly crummy, I leave each class feeling an immense sense of accomplishment. The high energy of my coaches and their support motivates me to push myself harder beyond what I thought I could accomplish, which has expanded my confidence, and made me stronger, both physically and mentally. These newfound abilities now inspire me to tackle the next day head on, knowing each day will conclude with my classmates and our commitment to “Get Better!”


4th Place – Tom Rutledge

Tom Rutledge

Weight: 194lbs – 187lbs = 7lbs lost

Waist: 36” – 33.5” = 2.5” lost

Hips: 35” – 33.5” = 1.5” lost

Chest: 40.5” – 38.5” = 2” lost

“This may have been named a “body” transformation challenge, but it was closer to a “life” transformation challenge.  The greatest part about it is that nothing will change on Monday when I go work out again.  This challenge is just beginning.”


3rd Place – Angela Lastrina-Fasold

Angela Fasold

Weight: 156lbs – 141.5lbs = 14.5lbs lost

Waist: 38” – 33” = 5” lost

Hips: 42” – 40.25” = 1.75” lost

Chest: 39.75” – 38.5” = 1.25” lost

“In the beginning of this challenge Tyler asked me what my “one” thing was. My ‘one’ thing has changed dramatically in frequently throughout this challenge.

Originally, my “one” thing was to become a more efficient and agile triathlete. That one thing changed really early on. I realized that wasn’t really that important. What was important was finishing a race and I already knew I could do that. Then I had to think about what my one thing was going to be again. My “one” thing then became being dedicated to the gym. Showing up every single day and working as hard as I possibly could. Soon enough, I realized I was already doing that ‘one’ thing. And doing it well. My one thing then became getting healthier for my self and especially my children. Again, I began to realize I was already doing it. And that it would be now an on-going habit. Next, I wanted my children to get better with me. They watched me eat healthier and wanted to try my new foods. Both of their attitudes and temperaments are better because of their new nutrition. They are both breaking their own records on the swim team because of their new dedication to nutrition.

You will never know how much all of this means to me. To know that my “one” thing has changed my life and the life of my family. My “one” thing that I could never manage to put my finger on has made us all better. Thank you all for that.

I have lost a little more than 14 pounds and 7 1/2 inches but what I have REALLY lost is all the doubt and self-loathing I’d been carrying around. I have won a better life. I have won better health. I have won a better family.  I have won.

I now just have “one” thing. Thank you all for helping me change my family tree.”

Angela has won:

  • American Express Gift Card – $150
  • Resistance Band Training Total Fitness Package – $131.99
  • TEF Supplement Package – $125


2nd Place – Lori Segar

Lori Segar

Weight: 159.5lbs – 141.2lbs = 18.3lbs lost

Waist: 34.5” – 30” = 4.5” lost

Hips: 37” – 34” = 3” lost

Chest: 37.5” – 34” = 3.5” lost

“I can not thank the TEF Team of Coaches enough.  The Team that Tyler has put together is amazing.  I’m not worried about Day number 50, or even 250, I know that I have the support at TEF that I need.  I’m looking forward to power lifting now, and can not be more excited about my fitness journey and goals!!! Tyler, thank you so much for continuing to run the challenges, they seem to save me when I need them the most.”

Lori has won:

  • American Express Gift Card – $250
  • Resistance Band Training Total Fitness Package – $131.99
  • TRX Suspension Trainer – $199.95
  • TEF Supplement Package – $150


1st Place – Tim Griffin!

Tim Griffin

Weight: 210lbs – 189lbs = 21lbs lost

Waist: 44” – 37” = 7” lost

Hips: 43.5” – 38” = 5.5” lost

“I have to start by saying that I am sincerely grateful for every member of the TEF coaching team. You all do an amazing job pushing us to our true potential, and I consider you all important people in my life. You make me better.

This challenge was clearly a success for me in all areas. I lifted a lot of weight, I strived to work my hardest during each workout and I showed up to class without fail. The biggest part of my transformation had to be my diet though. Having Evan Marcantonio was a blessing. He opened my eyes to the amount of food I was eating. He lowered my protein intake, increased my carbs and lowered my fat. Basically I had an 1800 calorie day that I followed to a tee. I ate only natural foods, nothing processed, and eliminated gluten. I was not hungry at the end of the day either. I am happy to say that I don’t have many cravings for sugar anymore, which is a feat in itself.

The other key to my success had to be the social aspect. The overall #tefcommunity was amazing and supportive. However, I developed a sub-group with Lisa Goralski and Sharon Bonini. We kept in contact with each other daily, and offered support and encouragement to each other when needed. We called each other out when giving lame excuses too. We had a goal from the start that we would place in the top 3 of the challenge.  I promoted that to them often, even when they didn’t believe in themselves. It was good to have that goal in mind.   I really think the three of us thrived off of our positive relationship over the past 49 days.

Overall the challenge  was a real eye opening experience, and I’m excited to keep improving and #getbetter.”

Tim has won:

  • American Express Gift Card – $500
  • IPAD Air – $499
  • TRX Suspension Trainer – $199.95
  • Resistance Band Training Total Fitness Package – $131.99
  • TEF Supplement Package – $250


Thank you all for making this challenge the best one yet!

Congratulations again and Get Better!