Body Transformation Challenge Winners

42-Day Summer Slim Down Winners


Our Body Transformation Challenges allow our clients, both new, old and current to take their body to an entirely new level. It also places a strong focus on the importance of nutrition, for both body transformation and performance.

Often times people look at a “diet” as a restrictive form of eating. A diet, is the food we consume to fuel our body and our dietary habits also encompass our overall diet. For our clients at Tyler English Fitness and Fitness Revolution, anytime we run one of our Transformation Challenges, the major takeaway is how vital nutrition can be in, not only transforming your physique, but optimally fueling your body for increased strength, improved conditioning, altered body composition and overall performance.

The 42-Day Summer Slim Down, was much more then a six-week Transformation Challenge, for the vast majority of our clients, the last forty-two days allowed them to build the confidence, the routine, the habits required to make proper nutrition a key component to their ongoing fitness success.

It wasn’t one simple Nutrition Workshop, weekly nutritional coaching email or even the ongoing support of our Facebook coaching group, it was the combination of wants, needs and the desire to make a lasting change.

Yes, we had to pick 3 “Winners” but as I’ve said before and I’ll continue to say, if you came out of this challenge or any challenge with more nutritional knowledge, more confidence and a greater understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the results you desire, then you are a success and a winner.

Thank you to the 90+ members and non members (many of who are now new members) who entered this challenge, it wasn’t our first, it won’t be our last but it sure made it’s own special part in our community.

On behalf of our entire team, congratulations to everyone who took the challenge.

Here’s to your future success.

1st Prize


Kathleen Anderson – Lost 5 inches of her waist and 13 pounds

Kathleen is a great example that every client has their ups and downs in nutrition, training and life. Yet, we all can get back on track and achieve life-changing success.


I have been with Tyler English Fitness since it opened 5 1/2 years ago.  I knew on day one this was the place for me.  I have met a great new group of like minded friends and motivators.   I have had ups and downs, mostly ups and have continued to have great success year after year.  Changing a lifestyle of bad habits takes dedication and determination, this I have learned successfully.   At 47, I am lean,  strong and healthy.  My transformation does not end here.  I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping the fat off and the muscle intact.


I will continue to challenge myself daily and maintain the Best Body for Me!!

2nd Place


Melissa Preece – Lost 9 pounds and 2.5 inches off her waist

Melissa, is took advantage of extra training sessions, small group and nutritional coaching. She really worked hard and it shows in her body composition. Great job, Melissa.



Taking part in the Tyler English Fitness Summer Slim Down Challenge has been an amazing experience.  Not only have I transformed my body, but I’ve gained confidence and learned so much in the process. The support and encouragement I received from the other participants, the motivation and enthusiasm provided by the coaches, and Tyler’s personal input and expertise all came together to make my transformation possible.



3rd Place


Dan Fox – Lost 21 pounds and 15 total inches.

Dan took our advice and snapped progress pictures all along the way and made this journey much more than a 6-week challenge.


Since starting the challenge I have changed my way of thinking from “this is a 6 week diet” to “this is a way of life.” I always blamed my will power for not succeeding but I now realize I can make healthy food choices and still feel satisfied. In 6 weeks I lost 21 pounds and 15 total inches, something I never thought possible. I am very proud of my progress and look forward to utilizing all the tools and tips I learned and integrating them into my life on a daily basis.



Our winners take home the following –

1st Place Grand Prize – $931.94 in VALUE!

American Express Gift Card – $500

Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer – $99.95

Resistance Band Training Total Fitness Package – $131.99

TEF Approved Supplement Package – $200

2nd Place – $581.94 in VALUE!

American Express Gift Card – $200

Resistance Band Training Total Fitness Package – $131.99

Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer – $99.95

TEF Supplement Package – $150

3rd Place – $275 in Value!

American Express Gift Card – $150

TEF Supplement Package – $125

We will be back later next week to share some inspiring words and success stories from many other client transformations including Kara Kempf, Phillip Markuska, Nicole Siroonian, Jen Connolly, Eric Bosnyak and many others.

Congratulations to Kathleen, Melissa and Dan for inspiring us all.

Get Better,


Tyler English