6 Qualities Fitness Taught Me

Hey everyone, it’s Tyler. As you all are very aware of by now, I’ve always been someone to grow a strong team around me. That’s why I’m excited to introduce Corey Blank as the newest part of our team.

For those of you who don’t know Corey and I’s history, we originally met through natural bodybuilding and shortly after, in the Fall of 2011, after a few interviews, I offered him a position at TEF, which at the time, he respectfully declined. Being fresh out of college, Corey followed his passion into fitness, before life brought him back into his family business.

Well, fast forward to today, and after transitioning away from his family business over the past few months, Corey is the newest member of our growing team.

Corey will be aiding me in a good deal of the day to day operations at TEF as well as returning to his love of coaching people to a healthier lifestyle.

Well, enough from me, here are a few words from the man himself….


I’m proud to Growing up I considered myself an athlete. If it was competitive, I played it. I played everything from my main sport of football, to baseball, attempted basketball, ran track and even stepped in the ring for some boxing. As a kid my parents instilled in me the benefits of playing sports and being active.


Being young and caught up in life you don’t realize these things at the time, but playing sports, competitively, year round taught me many different life lessons and helped me to mold the man I am today. Without athletics I don’t feel I would have become the person I am, speaking from a morals and character standpoint and forgetting the physicality for a minute.

Here are simply three main things I took away as a youth…

DEDICATION: To both yourself and your team. If you want to succeed you need to be dedicated, half ass-ing things will never accomplish anything. Dedicate yourself to your team and your team will do better. Dedicate yourself to your sport and goals and you will become a better player.

LEADERSHIP: I always wanted to be the person who inspired others, on or off the field I was always yelling at my teammates to keep up the good work and “coaching” whether I was in the defensive backfield or on the bench. Sports taught me how to rise up and become the person who led by example not the person who sat back and watched. I learned drive, and pushed myself and others to reach our united goal of winning.

TEAMWORK: All the athletics I took part in, as a youth, were team sports. I learned the importance of working together to accomplish a common task, and that all parts had to be moving together in order to succeed. This taught me how to balance personalities, how to make friends, and how to problem solve when things weren’t working on the field.

Fast forward some years now, my freshman year of college is over along with my first and only season as a collegiate football player. Saddened and lost at what to do, this is when I found the weight room, and my passion. CoreyStandingDB

Four years later, now a college graduate, with a degree in Construction Management I no longer felt like I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Construction was ok, but after working as a personal trainer I felt a desire, a passion, a calling to help people better their lives through my knowledge. I was at a crossroads in my life and had some big decisions to make. I soul searched and again found myself contemplating over the lessons I’d taken away from athletics, as I began my new journey.

I found the world of drug free bodybuilding and began experiencing a whole out take on things. I was no longer a “team” athlete and the things I was now experiencing came from fighting my way to a goal, solo.

Lessons 4-6 I didn’t quite grasp until I found my new passions and grew as a person.

SELF-CONTROL: Bodybuilding is a weird sport and goes against nearly all normal social conventions. After being a partier and free eater my whole life I had to relearn how to eat properly, how to limit alcohol, and how to balance my social life and relationships. I learned that all these things CAN ABSOLUTELY be balanced with a little self-control.

INNER STRENGTH: As a kid I rarely focused on this, I never had a problem doing things alone but was always so focused on my team atmosphere that I never took the time to look at myself. In weightlifting you and only you that can move that weight, finish that set, push one more rep, beat that 40 time, or lose that pound. Your left alone to find the will and desire in yourself and I had been doing this for years and never realized the inner strength and peace that I had built from this.

INSPIRATION: I found my inspiration from people I idolized. Guys (or girls) that were bigger, better, faster or strong than me; Guys that were more successful in the areas I wanted to be successful in. Shortly after I had been training for some time and building an identity for myself I realized there were people watching me and being inspired. This lit a fire inside me and I learned that not only can I make myself better I can make others better through my journey!

Get in; Get it done, and #GETBETTER.

Corey Blank