A Body Transformation Journey, Joe Castagno

There are not too many people that can gain the attention of hundreds of people, without saying a word. A body transformation is about much more then a spoken word. It’s about the training, the nutrition, the purpose and ultimately, the journey.

Joe C Bodybuilding After

Five years ago Joe Castagno walked into the doors of the original 1,750 square foot Tyler English Fitness facility, wearing a big yellow t-shirt and tipping the scales at close to 295 pounds.

If you know Joe, he’s a quiet guy and a gentle soul. Stepping in the door was a major step for him.

Over the last five years Joe has committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, moving with vigor and in the process he’d lost 50 pounds. Sure he had highs and lows, gains and losses, but he was already in a better place. Then Joe approached me about competing in his first natural bodybuilding competition.

If you’ve ever spoken with me about natural bodybuilding, it can be summed up in a few statements.

First, you need to be willing to fit bodybuilding into your life, not make it your life.

Second, if you are going to compete in a bodybuilding competition, you need to make it about the journey, not a win or a lose.

Last, but certainly not least, you need to be 110% certain you are ready to embark upon this journey and place that 110% effort into the process.

When Joe approached me, it was in the middle of a crazy training morning and Joe was performing his Semi Private Coaching program, I’ll never forget that moment.

We were standing at the beginning of the turf directly in front of the Dog Sleds and Prowlers. Joe’s words still sit with me today.

“Tyler, do you think I could compete in a bodybuilding competition. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

I wish I had a camera to video that moment in time. Joe was near tears when he asked me, I didn’t need to ask the man another question, I could see in his eyes that he was ready for this.

My reply was short, “Joe, if you are 110% certain you want to do this, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

The rest is history.

Joe changed his diet, intensified his training, often times performing two-a-days and dropped an additional 50 pounds in 5 months, before completing his goal of stepping on stage and competing as a natural bodybuilder.

The week before Joe’s competition, we were talking via email and he sent me a few things I never knew. This is the kind of “pain” that many of our clients deal with, but won’t speak about until their journey begins to take shape.

“Dude, I remember I used to pull my seatbelt against my stomach as tight as possible just to make it seem like I wasn’t as fat as I was in case someone stopped next to me and looked over. I remember I could actually rest a cup on my stomach when I sat down. I would fold my arms and leave them resting on my stomach. I would have to hold my breath just to put on my shoes or even tie them. What kind of memories are those to have???”

JoeCastagnoBefore-80I’m sure these memories will continue to be a driving force in Joe’s journey moving forward.

Where has his journey taken him?

Joe stepped on stage, Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) Monster Mash and not only competed in his first natural bodybuilding competition, he took home a 4th place trophy in the Novice Heavyweight division.

And Joe has lost over 100 pounds!

Congratulations, Joe, you are an inspiration to everyone. We look forward to you continuing your journey.

As to quote Joe,

“I’m not done yet.”

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English