Transformation Challenge Finalists

First, congratulations to everyone who participated in our challenge! Everyone made great progress during the past 14 weeks.  Your hard work, determination, and perseverance is truly inspirational.

Think of what you have been able to accomplish in 14 short weeks! While not everyone can win the 98 Day Transformation Contest…You all can reap the rewards of looking fitter, increased energy levels, and an overall healthier lifestyle.  Imagine what continuing this life style could do for you…

Without further ado here are the Finalists 10-4…

10th Place-Lauren Cassidy

cassidy beforeCassidy after

“This challenge was a great start to my new year and has jump started some old fitness goals I had pushed aside…the words half marathon and sprint triathlon are being tossed around again but for now I’ll settle for testing my new found endurance in running up 34 flights of stairs for the American Lung Association’s Hartford Stair Climb!”

9th Place-Patti Roth

Pattie Roth 9th beforeroth after

“What a journey it has been for me.  As I look back at the pictures, the old vs the new, I see the start of this change.  Initially, it required a lot of hard work and determination to get rid of old bad habits.  Today I hear the encouragement of the coaches and folks in the challenge reminding me, “you got this”. I look forward to continuing on this journey and path to success.  Thank you for reminding me everyday that I can keep on getting better!”


8th Place-Kim Bosnyak

kim b 8th

“The past three and half months has enabled me to get to know more people at the gym in a closer way.  The accountability through the Face Book group was very helpful.  All the ideas and encouragement being shared was awesome. Tyler and Team at TEF never let up, pushing, motivating, encouraging all the way to the end. Whenever I was swinging something lighter that I could, it never failed, Jordan would be all over it handing me something to test my ability.  I am a lot stronger that when I started and more confident in what I can accomplish. ”

7th Place-Deanna Siroonian

Deanna Siroonian 7th Before+after

“…this challenge has taught me so much about myself and tested the limits I can push myself. I wasn’t seeing to many results at first but I began to enjoy and looked forward to coming to TEF I can’t imagine going to a normal gym again. I feel like a new person after these 98 days and am so happy with my result from this challenge I look forward to this lifestyle change from day 99 and on.”

6th Place-Margi Jakubowski

Margi Jakubowski 6th BeforeMargi Jakubowski 6ht after

“Tyler’s sayings often run through my head and one that has stuck is “weight loss is easy, once you figure out how hard it is.”  I finally feel like I get it.  With the help of the Transformation Challenge and the support of all of the other participants, I have figured out a system that works for me and my life and is something that can grow with me as my life goes through its next big change.”

5th Place-Lori Segar

Lori Segar 5th Beforelori segar 5th After

“Bring on 40!..It has been so rewarding to look back at all the pictures and recorded measurements, even more rewarding to fit into smaller sized clothing.  I am going to continue these new habits as I push to make it to my fitness goals.  Nutrition and fitness has become such a large part of my life now, I could not be happier!”

4th Place-Amanda Fialkievicz

amanda fialkievicz 4th before and after front

“…No matter how much I struggled and no matter how many times I felt like giving up, I never did, and it was worth it. Not only did I transform my body, I transformed my whole life; I am not a happier, healthier and more confident person, and this is just the beginning. I sincerely hope that the end of the 98 Day Transformation Challenge will not be an end to your journey.”

Congratulations again and Get Better!

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