Body Transformation Challenge Winners

What you all have been waiting for….

Our top 3 finishers in the 98-Day Body Transformation Challenge!

3rd Place- Eric Bosnyak

Eric bosnyak third placeerick bosnyak after

“I made my initial commitment here at TEF January 2012 and with the coaching, motivation and direction of Tyler and coaches past and present was able to lose a total of 95lbs while bringing my body fat % from 34% down to 15%.  I didn’t see it then, but knew I had to make it happen.  I took the attitude of I had no other choice.  That focus and determination finds its way into other areas of my life that so desperately needed that same level of attention and commitment.  When you realize that so much of this is in your head you will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people.”

2nd Place-Corey Donlin


“A little short of 98 days ago I began a journey at Tyler English Fitness. I knew I was out of shape and just plain lazy. You can make all the excuses you want, but the simple fact was clear, I was lazy. I had let myself become so unhealthy and out of shape…To date I am currently 258lbs, I’m now comfortably in a 38in waist. To me losing 22lbs and 4” off my waist was great. Even though the challenge is now coming to an end, this is a life style change. I have certain goals I want to achieve, and I feel as long as I get at it like I am now its only a matter of time until I make those goals.”

To me the challenge may have ended but my journey as just begun!!! #GETBETTER….

1st Place-Donald Crowe

“The results of the Challenge have been consistent improvement toward my goals. Most importantly, my blood pressure is now on the upper end of the normal range, I’m 28 pounds lighter than at the start, I have more substantially more energy and believe I’ve set the clock back more than a few years. I’ve recently been able to do three sets of 15 pushups without stopping mid set and at today’s Challenge I did 13 reps of the heaviest kettle bell squats and finished by doing 30 continuous burpees. None of these would have been possible or even conceivable at the beginning of the Challenge.”
Enough celebrating for this milestone, let’s see what the next 98 days can bring!!!!! Thank-you, Tyler English Fitness!!!!!!

Congratulations again to all the participants.

Your hard work and dedication is inspirational to everyone, members and staff alike! Be sure to check out the Transformation Challenge Finalists here =>